Key to pests and diseases of cacti Water for Cacti and Succulents

Generally speaking, succulents need a thorough watering when they are dry in the summer. Allow the plants to become dry before watering again - they don't like wet feet all the time.

An overhead sprinkle can help to keep plants free from dust and thus healthier looking. ( Exceptions are the rosette types where water can become trapped and cause rotting e.g. Echeveria ) The jungle cacti or epiphytes such as Orchid cacti or Christmas cacti should never be allowed to completely dry out.
In the winter, from October to March, most plants will need no water at all, unless kept at a high temperature (e.g. central heating) when a little water may be needed to prevent undue shrivelling.
Rain water is always better than tap water if you have a choice.

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