Key to pests and diseases of cacti Cactus and Succulent Propagation

We are not going into great detail here but we'd like to tell you our method of propagation, which works for pretty well for all cacti and succulents.

Firstly, only take cuttings during the active growth period - that is in spring and summer.

Take the cuttings (Stem or leaf cuttings) on a dry, sunny day (So the cut surface forms a callus quickly)

Put them somewhere out of direct sunshine but in good light, keep them upright by sitting them in empty pots, trays etc. -and just leave them! (If you don't keep them upright the tall ones will bend!)

That's right, dont put them in soil at all.

Take a look at them just once a week.

When you see roots appearing on the base (In about 3 weeks) , pot them carefully into slightly moist soil.

Leave for two days.

Then water them.

This way you should get 100% rooting success, with no rotting. (Putting directly into soil usually results in some cuttings rotting.)

This will only work with cuttings of a reasonable size - there must be sufficient moisture held in the cutting for it to survive until roots form. For this reason also, plants you are taking cuttings from should be given a very good watering three days before you intend to take cuttings.

Try it!

Ready to pot up!

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