Apodemus sylvaticus

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Damage from mice tends to occur mostly in the autumn, when they are venturting into greenhouses as the weather gets colder. Damage can be to the succulent plant bodies (They have their favourites!) but they usually go for flowers and seed pots first of all.
A whole years breeding programme can be destroyed in one night when all your carefully pollinated and recorded crosses are eaten! Cactus fruits are tasty (Try some yourself)

Typical plant body damage can be seen in the photo of the Lophophora. This is just a tasting session. The mouse will return and devour the whole plant, given time.


Set traps or bait in the autumn, just as the fruits are ripening on your plants and when nights are getting colder.

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It's better to act preventitavely than wait until they've ruined your prized show-plants!

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