Echinocereus viridiflorus in flower Feeding Cacti and Succulents

Fertilizer can be added to every second watering during the summer.

The first few feeds during the season can be with a balanced fertiliser (20-10-20 at 75-100 ppm N) , which will help to get the plants growing. A good example is Chempak no. 3 or Miracle-Gro All Purpose Feed.

From May onwards water with a low nitrogen, high potash fertiliser such as Maxicrop Cactus Fertiliser or Chempak no. 4 or tomato fertiliser.(I would recommend using it at the strength suggested for tomato plants)

Maxicrop cactus fertiliser is made from seaweed extracts and has the added advantage of supressing spider mite damage and invigorating your plants root system. Plants fed on Maxicrop look much healthier and are more resistant to both pests and diseases.

Cease feeding completetly between October and March.

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