Cold damage


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Cacti and succulents, when frosted, first appear glazed/semi-translucent, then collapse into a mush.

Some cacti, especially epiphytes can develop orange spots.


Most cacti are ok down to about 34 deg F (1 deg C) if dry.

More tender succulents, such as the Sansevieria (above right) are happier above 45 deg. F (7 deg. C)

A lot of cacti such as Echinopsis, Rebutia, Lobivia, Trichocereus, Opuntia, some Echinocereus can go well below freezing if dry

Many Opuntias, Tephrocactus are hardy outdoors in Europe.

Frost damage on JadeFrost damage on Jade


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Cold damage on Sansevieria


Know which hardiness group your cactus falls in and treat it accordingly.

Damaged tissue can sometimes be cut back to healthy tissue and the plant saved.

Some agaves are frost hardy:

Some agaves are frost hardy

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