Key to pests and diseases of cacti Cactus Pests Identification Service

If, after using our key, you are unable to identify the problem with your plant, but you would really like to identify it, we offer a diagnostic service.

Ideally, we need to have a good look at the damaged plant material and/or the insects etc. involved in our laboratory.
Please send us bits of infected plants, live or dead insects etc. in sealed containers, in a non-crushable package. Send us samples which are small, but representative of the damage.
Please use first class post or special delivery - the faster, the better!

Unless damage to the plant is very obvious, then we may not be able to diagnose from just a photograph, but photos as well as plant/insect material can help.

We make a charge of £10 for this service. If we are unable with certainty to solve your problem then you will receive a full refund. All plant material and photos sent are non-returnable.

Please apply here if you wish to use our diagnostic service.

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